Monday, April 15, 2013

Come Scrap with me

I'm not the best at sticking to commitment - I have 6 kids and it's a lot of work to pull out all my craft supplies -
But I've recently signed up to go to a scrapbook retreat. I'm really excited. Which is why I'm here :)

I've been trying to come up with some fun ideas of things to make while I'm gone for my weekend getaway.
I've searched many MANY different blogs, and came up with TOO many ideas :)

SO that's why I'm here .. Oh and on Facebook - I created the blog so I could make my facebook page. But now that I'm here  ... who knows where I'll go from here :)

I am not the greatest scrapbooker or card maker, when I sit down to make things, I usually google everything I'm looking to make - I draw my own sketches then sit down to CASE (Copy As Seen Exactly)
But I'm not even good enough at it to do that. So a lot of the stuff I make turns into my own because I can't do exact.  Most of the time it comes out cute :)

I'm addicted to making mini scrapbook albums. I took about a year off from crafting, and unfortunatly taking pictures, too - so I'm frusterated with myself on the lack of things I'll be able to make.  Luckily for me though, I'm so far behind, I should have plenty to keep me busy :)

OK I'm off now to finish my facebook page and get some fun going :)

Happy Crafting :)

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